Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Sattler, Obmann des Aluminium-Fenster-Instituts   Mag. Harald Greger, Geschäftsführer des Aluminium-Fenster-Instituts   


The Aluminium-Fenster-Institut was founded in 1987 and aims to improve information on high-quality aluminium constructions, such as windows, conservatories and building facades. AFI co-operates with about 100 enterprises active in the metal trade, construction and surface finishing business.

Its Chairman is Mr. Thomas Sattler and the Managing Director is Mr. Harald Greger.

AFI is responsible for organising its partners’ joint advertising and PR activities, which specifically target architects, builders and decision makers. However, AFI neither produces nor distributes the products it promotes.

In its joint advertising campaigns, AFI aims to enhance the image of aluminium windows and facades bearing the ALU-FENSTER trademark. In addition, it provides promotional materials and sales tools for its partners.

As part of its PR activities, press releases and events aimed at specific target groups are organised, e.g. the Aluminium Architecture Prize, student competitions, a periodical newspaper, a quality handbook for aluminium windows and facades, a homepage and so on.

The ALU-FENSTER trademark was registered with the Austrian patent office on 22 February 2000 and guarantees users certified quality and system assurance. In order to use this trademark, a license is issued by AFI. At present, its licensees are Austrian providers of Aluminium-Profilesystems using the trademarks HUECK (HUECK ALUMINIUM GMBH) & SCHÜCO (ALUKÖNIGSTAHL GMBH) and their clients.

The license-agreement includes the following points:

  1. Exclusive use of the construction parts, profile materials, accessories and hinges provided with each aluminium profile system.
  2. Adherence to each system’s processing, installation and maintenance guidelines.
  3. Adherence to state-of-the-art technical standards and AFI’s quality handbook guidelines during the installation and assembly of each system.
  4. Proof of ISO-9001 certification from each system’s producer and/or supplier.

The ALU-FENSTER trademark guarantees designers and builders certified quality as well as decades of functionality.

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